Kobiton Re-signing Process for iOS apps

For an iOS app to be installed in an iOS device, the app is required to be signed with either:
- A full distribution certificate (doesn’t require device registration)
- An enterprise distribution certificate (doesn’t require device registration)
- A development certificate (requires device registration)
- An ad-hoc distribution certificate (requires device registration)

The term “device registration” refers to devices on which the app is installed. First, UDID of the device is registered to the app maker’s Apple Developer account. Then a provision profile which specifies the UDID and the app ID is signed with a certificate generated by the Apple Developer account. Apple limits device registration to 100 devices of a given type (eg. iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) per Developer account, and you can only remove devices from the account once per year. While the full distribution and enterprise certificates don’t require device registration, they lack permissions such as debugging, webview inspection, get-task-allow entitlements. Those permissions are available to development certificate and ad-hoc distribution development and are crucial to apps that control and monitor the device, such as the Kobiton agent app.

When Kobiton Re-signing Process is enabled, your apps will operate under Kobiton License similar to iOS Full Distribution and Enterprise Distribution certificate, which will lack certain app entitlements such as: push notifications, wifi information access, app groups, etc. If you need to test apps with those excluded entitlements on Kobiton devices, especially push notifications, you need to sign your app with the Development or Ad-hoc certificate. Those certificates require the app to have provision profile from an Apple Developer account registered with Kobiton device UDIDs. We only register Kobiton local, private or on-premises devices to an Apple Developer account. See more about the difference between local devices, private devices, and complete on-premises deployment in this page

The complete list of excluded entitlements under Kobiton Re-signing Process can be found at https://portal.kobiton.com/settings/others Screen_Shot_2022-07-01_at_1.14.43_PM.png


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