Synchronous Inventory Capturing

Synchronous Inventory Capturing mode ascertains app inventory (elements, XML tree, etc) are synchronously captured with user's actions on the devices. This resolves a conventional problem: users actions on the devices are too fast (select elements after elements at a fast pace) while Kobiton system couldn't capture the action quick enough to keep up with. When the system couldn't capture apps inventory synchronously and thus keep up with user's actions (ie. HTML commands), there comes the common error "Element not found" for Automation and especially Scriptless sessions. 


Start a Manual session and start the Capturing mode button on the top right area. Only then install the app under test.  


Now as you navigate the apps by selecting elements, the Capturing tooltip at the cursor will display the capturing progress indicator. The systems execute the next command (step) from users only when the previous command is fully captured, indicated by the tooltip.Screen_Shot_2022-06-22_at_4.45.30_PM.png

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