Launch Scriptless sessions with Kobiton

Step 1. Launch a Manual as the baseline session

Launch a Manual session and install an app from App Repo. (Reference:

Carry out the test steps in the Manual session. Make sure not to infringe Sciptless guardrails (unsupported actions). (Reference:

Step 2. Exit the baseline session 

End the session, select Exit session.Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_4.25.38_PM.png

Step 3. Navigate to Automation Test Case

Select Automation Test Case in the upper right corner.Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_3.20.49_PM.png

Step 4. Launch Rerun Configuration

Select Rerun to launch Rerun Configuration. 


Step 5. Start Scriptless rerun sessions

Within Rerun Configuration, select the device bundle that has desired devices for testing. Then select Rerun to start Scriptless rerun sessions.Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_3.22.08_PM.png

Step 6. Review results in Text Execution Plan

After that, you'll be taken to Test Execution Plan page where you can observe results of the Scriptless rerun sessions. You can always review the test execution plan page by selecting Test Execution Plan from the Test Case page (to navigate to the Test Case, please refer to:


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