API v2

Kobiton APIv2 is available at https://api.kobiton.com/v2/docs 

With release v4.2 and v3.27 Legacy, Kobiton introduced API v2 with improved performance and new endpoints.

Kobiton API v1 is still available until further notice. We encourage you to use API v2 as you add new test scripts and processes.

For endpoints in API v1 not yet offered in v2, continue to use API v1.

Note: Some endpoints in API v2 are for features only available with Kobiton 4.0+, so are not applicable to Legacy Kobiton.

API v2 Documentation

Documentation for API v2 can be found here for Kobiton Cloud users.

For Standalone users, enter the following URL into the web browser: [Portal IP address or hostname]:9090 to access API v2 Documentation ([Portal IP address or hostname] is the IP address or hostname of the Standalone Kobiton Portal).

Submit a request and receive a real API response right in the documentation by following the steps below:

Choose an API request from the navigation bar and select the Try button.

Under Security, input your Kobiton username and API Key. Your Kobiton API Key can be found in the Portal under Settings: https://portal.kobiton.com/settings/keys.


Under Path Parameters, Query Parameters, or Body Parameters, input the parameters for the API request. In this example, pagesize, and keyword parameters are filled:



You can now see the status and response of the submitted request:



  • In some endpoints, 4xx error codes in v1 are now showing as 500 in v2.

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