Resume test upon device disruption

Currently, when there is disruption during a manual test session (browser is accidentally closed, network is disconnected), you have no ways to resume your work, hence you need to redo the whole setup and start again. Introducing a 10-minute time-out when there is disruption during the manual session so that you can still go back and pick up where you left when disruption arises.

How to use

When there is disruption during your manual session, there is a 10-minute time-out. Within this period, you can launch the device and continue your session. To connect, simply go to the Device list, find your device and click on the “Connect” button:Connect.png

You will then be able to continue your session.

10-minute time-out is applied for these cases:

  • Browser is hard-closed/crashed

  • Network disconnect

  • Your PC/Laptop is shutdown


  • You will be charged minutes on Public devices during this 10-minute time-out.

    • To avoid the unexpected charge, make sure to exit your session gracefully (instead of hard closing the browser)

  • This 10-minute time-out will be applied for both Public and Private/local devices.

  • If your idle time-out setting to less than 10 minutes, the session will be kept for that amount of time.

  • This feature is only available on Latest Kobiton, not Legacy Kobiton.


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