Managing scriptless sessions with Test Management

How to go to Test Case 

After you have triggered scriptless sessions rerun, the baseline session will convert itself to a Test Case within Test Management (this functionality is only available on Latest Kobiton, not Legacy Kobiton). You can navigate the Test Case in two ways: 

- Method 1: Select Session List in the sidebar menu on the left, right-click the original baseline session, and select View Test Case.


- Method 2: Alternatively, select Test Management in the sidebar menu on the left, and select the app-under-test on the list in the upper right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-05-24_at_12.26.48_PM.png

Then, from the list of test cases, referencing the baseline session id to select the generated test case. Screen_Shot_2022-05-24_at_1.05.05_PM.png

Navigate Test Case Details

Delete a test step 

- In the baseline manual session, you might make some redundant steps such as an accidental touch or swipe and you don't want that unnecessary step to be rerun. You can delete those redundant steps from the baseline manual session by checking at the upper right corner of the step, then select Screen_Shot_2022-05-24_at_1.33.03_PM.png.Jun-10-2022_14-33-20.gif

Modify value of a set-text step

For test steps that input string value to a field such as username, email, URLs, phone number, the value can be modified. Select Screen_Shot_2022-06-10_at_3.45.57_PM.pngunderneath the test step to modify its string value.


Run Scriptless

After editing test steps with necessary deletion or modification, in the upper right corner, you can select Run Scriptless to start triggering scripless rerun sessions. Screen_Shot_2022-05-24_at_1.28.05_PM.png


Export Appium script

Alternatively, you can also export Appium automation script from the baseline session from here, simply choose among framwork TestNG or JUnit. Screen_Shot_2022-05-24_at_1.33.17_PM.png

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