Custom Configurations for Network Payload Capture

With Custom Configuration, users can define different sets of domains & MIME types they want to capture; then apply those sets for different test case as they intend. Custom Configuration is only available to devices operating on Latest Kobiton platform.


Before using network capture, make sure your devices are set up with Network Payload capture feature:

Manage configurations

First, go to Settings > Configurations. On this page, you will see all created configurations within your organization. Any user in your org should be able to View/Update/Create/Delete configuration.

Click “Add new Configuration” to start creating new one:


You’re required to input configuration names as well as based domains and select at least 1 MIME type under Advanced Settings. Note that your configuration name should be in lower case and include no spaces or special characters. Once you’re done inputting info for your configuration, click Save to proceed.image-20220406-112425.png

You can also update or delete existing configurations. Simply select it from the List view, then select Edit or Delete. Editing/deleting a configuration won’t impact ongoing sessions. The newly updated configuration will only be applied for sessions launched after it was updated.

Apply your configuration when launching new sessions

For manual session

In order to launch manual session with configuration:

  • open Device modal

  • enable “Use Configuration” toggle (by default this toggle will be off)

  • select the configuration you want to use then click on “Launch Device” to proceedimage-20220406-121554.png

You can also launch manual session with configuration from List view or Card view. Click on the arrow next to Launch button and select “Use custom configuration”: image-20220406-121628.png

There will be a prompted dialog to select the configuration you want to apply. Click on the dropdown to select one then click on “Launch Device” to proceed.image-20220406-121759.png

Then continue with your manual session. Once you ended the session, go back to Session Explorer to view the captured request/response on Session details.

For automation session (with Android apps only)

To use custom configuration in your automation session, add desiredCapabilities “useConfiguration” and input its value = configuration's name.image-20220413-104852.png

For mixed session (with Android apps only)

We support configuration also for mixed session. You can use different configurations in your mixed session, for example:

  • launch manual session with a configuration

  • at 2:03 minutes, start automation script with a desiredCap to use another configuration

The first configuration is applied from the beginning of the session till the minute 2:03 when the second configuration takes place.

View applied configuration in your past sessions

You're able to view applied configuration in your past sessions. Just need to go to Session Overview. If a session has configuration(s) applied, there will be a section named as “Configuration” displayed:image-20220413-110358.png


Additional notes & limitations

1- You may see the proxy setup steps when launching iOS devices - please let these steps finished before starting using the device with network capture enabled

2- It’ll take some time to set up HTTP proxy on the iOS device (ranging from 10s-1min depending on the network condition). (For Android this setting up process is faster).

3- The HTTP Proxy is not cleaned up when the session ends.

4- We have just covered testing for these cases:

  • Capture from Web:

    • for both Android & iOS: support these MIME types: Application/JSON, Image, Font, Text, Audio, Video

  • Capture from Native App:

    • for Android: Application/JSON

    • for iOS: Text

  • Capture from Hybrid App: support for Android: Application/JSON, Text
    If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to contact our Support: 

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