System Metrics: Battery Drain

System Metrics now include Batter Drain: the energy consumption information of mobile devices. This is only achieved with devices that are plugged into Cambrionix Hub.


Cambrionix Hub

Users can see Battery Drain in the interface of ongoing Manual sessions or the interface of Session Details after the session was ended.

Within Manual Session

From the Kobiton portal page, click Launch to launch a manual session. After the device was launched successfully, Battery Drain information can be found in the Metrics tab on the upper right of the screen.Screen_Shot_2022-05-18_at_5.21.55_PM.png

The unit of the battery energy is milliwatt per hour (mWh). The device's battery energy is displayed in real-time (current), on average, and at minimum & maximum. 


Within Session Detail

Battery Drain can also be found in Session Detail. Navigate to the Review System Metrics and select Battery Drain among CPU, Memory, and Network.  Screen_Shot_2022-05-18_at_5.51.42_PM.png

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