User History


User History allows users, especially those with the Admin role to review the activities history of other users, activities such as login, logout, and apps installed or launched.

How to use User History

User History is within Users in Org Management. From the Kobiton Portal page, navigate to Org Management, then select the Users tab.



From the Users on the list, select a User by clicking the user’s name.



From the User's page, select the User History tab on the upper right of the screen.


Filter user's history by types of events, select among Activities, Device Retainment, Device Enablement, Application Installation, Application Launched, or All. Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_6.35.02_PM.png

Among the event types, there are sub-events to filter from: 

  • Activities

    • User Login: when the user login to the Kobiton portal

    • User Logout: when the user logout of the Kobiton portal

    • Removed User ‘user_name’: When the user removed other users

    • Disabled User ‘user_name’: When the user disabled other users

    • User Created: When the user first login to Kobiton, either for the first time or after being deleted and invited again.

  • Device Retainment

    • Device Retained: when the user soft-book (retain) the device

    • Device Released: when the user ends the session

  • Device Enablement (link to the user that hosted this device)

    • Device Registered: when the device was plugged in and showed on Kobiton Portal

    • Device Unregistered: when the device was unplugged (disconnected)

    • Device Restarted: when the user selects to restart the device

  • Application Installed: when the user installs the application in a session

  • Application Launched: when a user launches the application that was installed in a session

Filter user's history by time range, select among Today, Last 30 Days, Custom, or All. 


Click the device's hyperlink to see the device's details. May-17-2022_18-56-24.gif

Click the session ID hyperlink to go to the session's detail.May-17-2022_19-39-15.gif





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