Device Summary

Device Summary report gives you quick visibility of your devices pool: counts of Online vs. Offline, Utilized vs. Available devices.

To access the report

Select Predefined Reports in the left sidebar menu, then select Device Summary report.Apr-05-2022_18-06-00.gif

  • This report will access all Kobiton devices , including Kobiton Public devices or your Private, Local devices

  • Users can filter the reports by:

    • OS version

    • Team

    • Device TagScreen_Shot_2022-04-05_at_6.48.10_PM.png

  • Users can view and sort the following metrics based on OS versions:

    • Available Devices: the total number of Online and Utilizing devices

    • Online Devices: Devices that are online

    • Utilizing Devices: Devices that are being utilized

    • Offline Devices: Devices that are offline

Screen_Shot_2022-04-05_at_6.23.01_PM.pngAlert offline devices count anytime

You can set a minimum available device and a maximum offline device number, and the report will help you notice them when:

  • The current number of Available devices is less than “Minimum Available Devices” --> the Available Device count will be notated by the red color.

  • The current number of Offline devices is greater than “Maximum Offline Devices” --> the Offline Device count will also be notated by the red color.


To set the minimum available device and the maximum offline device number, select the pencil iconScreen_Shot_2022-04-05_at_6.23.22_PM.png at the end of the row.

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