iOS device - Workaround for hidden location prompt

From iOS 13, Apple started hiding the Location Permission prompt from the streaming device screen interface. Because of this change, Kobiton users won't be able to see the location prompt in the Manual session interface.

Note - this issue only occurs in the Kobiton Manual session's Lightning mode.

How does it work

In manual session:

During the Manual session (with Lightning mode on), if Kobiton detects a location permission prompt, it’ll display a workaround dialog: image-20220307-100031__1_.png

On this dialog, you can:

  • Interact with the location permission prompt that is hidden by Apple mechanism, choosing among Allow Once/Allow While Using App/Don’t Allow.

  • Take a device screenshot (it will work similarly to the screenshot feature on the right-side toolbar)image-20220307-100054.png

On Session Details

The option you choose from the workaround dialog during the manual session will be treated and displayed as a “Touch” action made to the location permission prompt:image-20220307-100804.png

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