Service Level Availability report

Service Level Availability (SLA) provides users with a detailed history of Private and Local device states. Some insights that you can collect from the report are: Count of current devices that are online or offline, devices that temporarily have no network (no internet access). 

How to navigate to SLA report

On the left-side menu, navigate to Predefined Reports and select Service Level Availability report.access_SLA_report.gif


The report will have 3 main sections:

  • Overview

    • Users can filter the report by date range (within 90 days).

    • To apply the date filter: select Refresh Screen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_4.43.50_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_4.43.22_PM.png

  • Hosted by Kobiton - Private Devices:
    SLA report on your Private devices which are hosted and maintained by Kobiton.Screen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_4.44.54_PM.png

  • Hosted by {Organization's name} - Local Devices:
    SLA report on users' Local devices which are hosted and maintained by the user.Screen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_4.46.37_PM.png

The meaning of each field in the SLA report

Overall, this report will cover 3 main events of devices: Offline, Offline (Unplugged), No Network (no internet access).

If one of those events happens, Kobiton will track and display their history in the SLA report.

  • Total Registered DevicesScreen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_5.06.57_PM.png

    • Date range: to indicate the start and end date.

    • Number: the number of total devices that were hosted online during this Date range.

  • Avg. Device AvailabilityScreen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_5.08.57_PM.png

    • The average number of device availability in percentage (100% indicates all registered devices are online).

    • This record will have 2 parts:

      • Days: total days that the devices were online.

      • Avg. device availability: the percentage of online devices.

  • List viewScreen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_5.33.30_PM.png

    • UDID: UDID of the devices. You can select or deselect devices for reporting by using the filter icon Screen_Shot_2022-04-04_at_5.35.32_PM.png .

    • Device Type:

      • For the parent row: Name of the devices.

      • For the child rows: The status of the devices (Offline, Offline (Unplugged), No Network).

    • OS Version: OS version of the devices.

    • In-Service Dates: 

      • Start date: the day that the device was registered for the first time.

      • End date: the day that the device was unregistered.

    • Days Online: Actual online days within the selected date range.

    • Minutes Offline:

      • Total minutes offline for each event - Offline, Offline (Unplugged) or No Network.

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