Install App without launching session

This feature allows users to install an app from Device Modal without launching a session on the device. And when the users launch the device, the application is already installed and ready for testing.

To install an app without launching a session:

  1. Navigate to Device Modal/ AppsScreen_Shot_2022-03-02_at_12.16.52_PM.png

  2. Choose Apps modal, then select and install the appimage-20211217-100703.png


  • If this feature is not available to your plan, please submit a support ticket on or send an email to
  • These are the statuses that indicate app installation progress:
    • Installing: The app is installed on the device

    • Uninstalling: The app is uninstalling from the device

    • Fail to install: The app fails to install on the device

    • Fail to uninstall: The app fails to uninstall on the device

    • Installed: The app installed successfully on the device

    • Available: The app has not been installed yet OR uninstalled from the device

  • If a device is installing an app via this feature, the device's state will be “Utilizing”.
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