Assign/Remove devices in Team

Assign/Remove devices in Team

From the Kobiton portal home, navigate to Org Management by the left side menu, then select the team's name to assign/remove devices. Screen_Shot_2022-03-29_at_10.32.31_AM.png

From Team modal, navigate to Devices: 

To assign devices to a Team, select the devices by clicking Add Screen_Shot_2022-03-29_at_10.56.07_AM.png within Unassigned Devices.Assign_devices.gif

To remove a device from a Team, select the devices by clicking Unassign Screen_Shot_2022-03-29_at_11.15.46_AM.png within Assigned Devices. Mar-29-2022_11-28-37.gif

Select Save to save the result. The device would then be assigned/removed.  Screen_Shot_2022-03-29_at_10.58.18_AM.png


Team Device's information

You can find Team devices' name, OS versions, type (Private/Local or Public devices), UDID, status. Other than that, you can also find out:

  • Information on the device's host - Hosted By. You can hover over the email address to see the hosting user's mail or the Host machine’s name, IP address, Kobiton desktop app version, build number.a0ae5dfc-581d-4266-b7f2-5143b6a6877e.png

  • Information on Teams to which a particular device is assigned. (One device can be assigned to multiple Teams) - Teams. You can see that information by hovering over View teams.118ecd45-c94f-4b25-9a4e-13c3ff5e7c90.png

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