Does my network allow WebRTC protocol?

In certain Kobiton deploying models, video streaming for Manual sessions would employ WebRTC instead of gRPC. These are steps to check whether end-users computer machines, from their company networks (LAN/WAN enterprise network), can use WebRTC with Kobiton.

Step 1: While being in your company network, launch Chrome browser (must be Chrome browser) and go to URL: 

Step 2: Allow Webcam and Microphone accessibility Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_09.44.53.png

Step 3: Leave Location option as it is, click Start Test, and wait Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_09.45.16.png

Step 4: When the test finishes, if all sections return Green result, the users' company network allows WebRTC. If the Network and Connectivity sections show a Red result, expand all other sections and send us the screenshot of them for further interpretation and troubleshooting. Screen_Shot_2022-01-05_at_09.47.44.png

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