Bitrise, a mobile CI/CD platform with mobile-first features, helps build, test, and deploy apps faster and more efficiently. Kobiton's  Bitrise integration allows both systems to "communicate" with each other to run tests the way you like. 

To upload an application to the Kobiton app repo from Bitrise

  1. On your machine, open the Terminal / Command Line app
  2.  git clone the Bitrise step Kobiton upload app repository
  3. In terminal, navigate into the cloned repo
  4. Create a .bitrise.secrets.yml  file in the same directory as bitrise.yml (.bitrise.secrets.yml file is a git ignore file, you can store your secrets in it)
  5. In the app:envs, check the  bitrise.yml file for any secret that needs to be set in .bitrise.secrets.yml .
  6. Once the required secret parameters in  .bitrise.secrets.yml have been set, run bitrise run test with the bitrise CLI.

An example .bitrise.secrets.yml file:

- A_SECRET_PARAM_ONE: the value for secret one
- A_SECRET_PARAM_TWO: the value for secret two


How to contribute to this step

  1. Fork this repository
  2. git clone it
  3. Create a branch you'll work on
  4. To use/test the step just follow the How to use this Step section
  5. Do the changes you want to
  6. Run/test the step before sending your contribution
  • You can also test the step in your bitrise project, either on your Mac or on
  • You just have to replace the step ID in your project's bitrise.yml with either a relative path, or with a git URL format
  • (relative) path format: instead of - original-step-id: use - path::./relative/path/of/script/on/your/Mac:
  • direct git URL format: instead of - original-step-id: use - git::
  • You can find more example of alternative step referencing at:
  1. Once you're done just commit your changes & create a Pull Request

Share your own Step

You can share your step or step version with the bitrise CLI. If you use the  bitrise.yml included in this repository, all you have to do is:

  1. In your Terminal / Command Line cd into this directory (where the bitrise.yml of the step is located)
  2. Run:  bitrise run test to test the step
  3. Run: bitrise run audit-this-step to audit the step.yml
  4. Check the share-this-step workflow in the bitrise.yml, and fill out the envs if you haven't done so already (don't forget to bump the version number if this is an update of your step!)
  5. Then run: bitrise run share-this-step to share the step (version) you specified in the envs
  6. Send the Pull Request, as described in the logs of bitrise run share-this-step


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