TestRail Integration with Kobiton


TestRail is a web-based test case management tool, used by testers of other members of development teams to manage, track, and organize software testing projects. TestRail allows team members to enter test cases, organize test suites, execute test runs, and track their results from a web interface. To further your efforts at organized and efficient testing, Kobiton can integrate seamlessly with TestRail. To perform this integration, follow the steps below:


What You Need First:

  • Your Kobiton username, which is found on the Kobiton web portal. Click the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner, and select Profile. Your username will be listed at the top of the page.           



  • Your Kobiton API key, also found on the Kobiton web portal. Click the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner, and select Settings. Select the API Keys tab at the top. Click the Copy icon to the right of your API key.       


  • Your TestRail username/email address and your TestRail API Key. You will create your TestRail API key by logging into your TestRail account, clicking on your username in the top right-hand corner, and selecting My Settings from the dropdown menu. Click on the API Keys tab, and then Add key. You can name your API key anything you would like, then click + Generate Key. Your API key will be generated and you can copy it from the API Key box.
  • **Important Note** Once you generate the TestRail API Key, make sure you click + Add Key to save the new API Key to your API Key list.

Note: Ensure that your APIs are enabled in TestRail. Go to Site Settings/API and make sure the Enable API and Enable session authentication for API boxes are checked.


Create your TestRail Project

1. On the TestRail website, click + Add Project.



2. Name your project, make sure Use a single repository for all cases is selected, and then click Add Project at the bottom.



3. From the Dashboard, open your project, select the Test Runs & Results tab, and then +Add Test Run.



4. Name your Test Run. Under "Assign To", select Me and click Add Test Run at the bottom of the page.



5. Next, click the Test Cases tab and click + Add Test Case.



6. Name your Test Case and click Add Test Case at the bottom of the page. 



Add Kobiton and TestRail information to your IDE


7. Add your Kobiton username and API key.



8. Add your TestRail server address, username, and API key.



9. In the desired capabilities section, you will need to add your TestRail information again. Also, enter your TestRail Run ID and Case ID information. Your TestRail Run ID can be found next to your Test Run Title. 


Your TestRail Case ID can be found by clicking into the Test Case and then selecting View Case.


Enter both Run ID and Case ID in the desired capabilities section of your IDE.



10. Once you have run the test from your IDE, The TestRail Run ID and Case ID will be found in the Session Overview of the test on the Kobiton Web Portal. The links within the Kobiton Web Portal will take you to the Test Run and Test Case, respectively, in TestRail.                                              TR_16.png

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