Login Message

What Is the Login Message?

The login message (or security banner) is a separate window that appears when a user logs into a system. By default, the system administrator defines the content of this window, although a user with the correct permission assigned can also make changes to the login message. The message can include information such as an application's Terms of Service, organization notes for user's logging in to an organization, or some type of disclaimer. A user who has been assigned the permission called org_setting.modify_security_banner has the ability to determine the content of the login message and for whom the message appears. 


How to customize the security banner

  1. Go to the Settings page (accessed through the dropdown menu that appears when you click the arrow beside your user icon in the upper-right corner) and click the "Security Banner" tab from the tab menu.                                                                                         mceclip1.png

  2. Configure your login message as you wish it to appear to your organization:                 mceclip2.png

The settings options you have to choose from include the following:
  • "Only show on first login": if this toggle is enabled, the system shows the banner only upon the initial login of a user. Subsequent logins for that user will not trigger the login message. If this toggle is disabled, the login message will appear every time a user logs in.

  • "Button text": This field contains the text that will appear in the completion button that is displayed at the bottom of the login message. Clicking this button will trigger the login message to disappear so that the user can navigate the Kobiton portal. The user can change the text of this field and the maximum number of characters is 32. As you can see in the above example, the button text "I accept the terms" is in the field; as you can see in the image below, the button to dispel the login message window contains the text specified in the Button text field:mceclip3.png

  • Banner Text (Text or HTML): You may enter rich text (or HTML) and the Kobiton system will generate a message in that text (or translate the HTML). Users can use bold, italic, underline, strike, hyperlink, and HTML text options in the banner text body. Login messages can contain up to 4000 characters and an unlimited number of lines. When a user inputs more than the maximum number of characters, the following error message appears: “You have exceeded the maximum number of 4000 characters in this field.”

  • Preview: After customizing the security, the user can see a preview of the banner by clicking the Preview button. The preview will display the login message as it will appear to users in a separate window.                                                                mceclip4.png

  • Publish: Once you have completed the information on the login message/security banner page, the "Publish" button will become available. To display the banner for organization members, the user must click the Publish option. If the publication is successful, a toast message will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen, reporting the success.

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