iFrame Configurations on the Kobiton Portal

The Kobiton device panel's UI and functionality can be customized to tailor to your needs.

To customize:

  1. Click on the user dropdown menu and select Settings
  2. On the top nav, click iFrame Configuration

Customizable UI visuals: 

  • header color
  • background color
  • brand color
  • logo URL


To customize the visual components of the device panel:

  1. Adjust the RBG color value for the frame's header, background color, or toolbar icons (brand color)
  2. Change the logo by entering your logo's URL to the Logo URL field 
  3. To apply changes, click Save Configuration

Customizable functions
The functionality of the panel can be customized by adding and removing abilities.

To edit functionality, toolbar functionality, or device settings:

  1. Use the radio buttons to enable or disable the functionality
  2. To apply changes, click Save Configuration
    Toolbar functionality
  • screenshot
  • device location
  • timezone
  • rotate screen
  • power
  • volume up
  • volume down

 Device settings

  • device log
  • log pause
  • clean logs
  • download log

Top menu

  • session settings
  • Install apps


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