Re-run Scriptless Automation Tests on Multiple Bundles

After running a manual testing session, users can set their Text Execution Plan to include runs on multiple bundles in parallel. 

To set up parallel test bundle executions: 

  1. On the Kobiton portal, run a manual test
  2. When ending the session, select yes on the NOVA prompt. 
  3. Customize your Test Execution Plan (where the first bundle can be chosen) and click Run Scriptless Automation
    This bundle selection will be considered your first test bundle. 
  4. To set a second bundle run, click Rerun Scriptless Sessions.
  5. On the Re-run Scriptless Automation modal's Select device bundle dropdown menu, select from the available pre-set bundles.
  6. Under Apply, select the devices to run and click Yes.
  7. To access the details of a bundle run,  on the Test Execution Plan page, select the test run number to view details.



Bundles will only be available for the device type the manual session was run on. Meaning that if the original test was an iOS test, options will only include available iOS bundles.

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