Appium Export Script Workflow

Kobiton's Appium Export Script has two workflows- giving you the flexibility to use the export script to best suit your testing needs. You can either download the script right after completing a manual session or generate the script to scriptless revisit sessions (automated executions of your manual tests across real devices that NOVA runs for you). 

To download the script right after a manual testing session:

  1. Complete your manual test, and exit the session. When prompted to run NOVA, select No.
  2. Access the Session Details page and click on the Appium icon.export-appium-button.png
  3. On the Export Appium Script popup, under Action, click Request to generate the Manual test case script.
  4. Under action, the download icon will indicate your script is ready for export.

To generate the script for revisit executions: 

  1. After your manual test, on the NOVA prompt, select yes.
  2. Define your scriptless Test Execution Plan:  i.e., DDT, selecting your device bundle, etc.
  3. Trigger scriptless automation by clicking Run scriptless automation.
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