Session List

First login Kobiton portal and you can navigate the Session List via

The Kobiton Session List is where you'll find a list of all run tests. You can filter the list, making it easier to find the exact session you are looking for. session-list-overview.png

Session Type Description
All Includes every session
Appium Appium test sessions
Manual Manual test sessions
UIAutomator/Espresso UIAutomator/Espresso test sessions
Status Description
Running The session is executing.
Complete For both manual and automation sessions, the session completed without being assigned a Passed/Failed status. Conditions to reach a complete status:
  • All test steps on the test case have completed
  • Part of a test case have completed. This may be because of crashes, scripting issues, no handle exceptions, etc.)
Passed The session completed with a Passed status, meaning the execution met the expected assertions (via APIs).
Failed The session completed with assigned a Failed status, meaning the execution is disqualified due to unexpected assertions. (via APIs).
  • Timeout: There are a variety of reasons that lead to session timeout. One of the main reasons is that cannot find element when running automation session
  • Error: When initiating automation sessions, a failure happens and stops the session, which may be caused by issues affecting desired capabilities, system, and/or environmental settings
  • Terminated: A user has force stopped the session
Platform Description
All Both Android and iOS devices
Android Filters by Android devices
iOS Filters by iOS devices
Users Description
All Displays sessions for all users
Individual Users Filter by individual users part of your Kobiton Organization

Scriptless: Enable radio button to filter by Scriptless sessions.

Search by Description
ID Filter by Session Id
Name Filter by user
Platform version Filter by platform version  
Device name/model Filter by the devices name or model
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