v3.9.1 - Feb 08, 2021

Major Updates to the Kobiton Platform

Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite and Scriptless Automation

  • Appium Export on your manual session: You can now generate and export Appium scripts from a completed manual session, making test automation authoring and execution easier, faster, and more efficient.

Bug fixes/enhancements

Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite and Scriptless Automation

  • 11962: The issue causing export Appiums scripts to sometimes run the incorrect coordinates on Android devices has been resolved.
  • 11565: The issue preventing vertical swipe on the horizontal swipe part of the mobile browser has been resolved.
  • 11401: We fixed an issue with scriptless automation that caused a revisit session to perform the incorrect action due to the keyboard being hidden.

Kobiton Device Lab Management and Portal

  • 11955: We fixed the issue causing application updates to fail because apps exceeded the character limit.
  • 11954: To prevent high CPU usage, the “remove-org-member” function has been removed.
  • 11868: During the session initialization phase, logs have been added to the runner when a session attempt fails.
  • 11844: The issues causing devices to not return back online after a Hub restart has been resolved.
  • 11842: The checkbox custom field is now posting data when integrated through Jira.
  • 11828, 11910, 11941, 11849: On the Kobiton UI, the banner warning of exceeding public usage minutes will no longer display for private device users.
  • 11808: The issue preventing non-synched devices from matching desired capability values has been resolved.
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