Getting Started with Manual Testing

Kobiton manual testing gives you remote access to real mobile devices. You can easily test websites, native apps or hybrid apps, while Kobiton automatically records all your manual test actions and stores them as test session details.

Getting Started with Manual Testing

Manual testing from the Kobiton portal gives you remote access to real, public or private, iOS and Android devices. During a manual test, you’ll be able to test native applications, hybrid applications, or websites on the device. 

All Kobiton manual sessions are recorded and capture detailed logs including screenshots, gestures, and metrics giving users an easy and accessible way to replicate issues and pinpoint where issues occur.

  1. From the Kobiton devices tab, click Launch for the device you’d like to launch a manual testing session.
  2. To install an application, click Install Apps.manual-sessions-install-app.png
  3. On the Install Apps modal, applications can be uploaded to the device through:install-apps-modal.png
  • Upload file
  • Install from URL
  • Search App from the Kobiton App Repository

From the manual session window, the following is available: 

  • Access logs
  • Perform common device actions from the toolbar
  • Take and access screenshots
  • Run manual tests

View Testing Session Overview

Once you’ve ended a testing session, access the Session Overview by navigating to Sessions tab, scroll down to click on your session. 


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