Create a Jira Ticket on Kobiton Portal

To create a Jira ticket from the Kobiton portal: 

  1. From the Session Overview page of your test, click the Jira ticket button and Create on the Jira integration pop-up.                                    jira-button-on-session-overview.png 
  2.  On the Create Issue modal:
    • Project, Issue Type, and Title must be filled in
    • Description: pre-populated with the Kobiton session link, device specifications, device, OS, resolution, viewport, and aspect ratio
    • Optional fields include:  
      • Affected versions
      • Assignee
      • Environment
      • Fix versions
      • Labels
      • Linked Issues Type
      • Linked Issues
      • Priority
      • Devices Log (enabled by default)
  3. Click Create to create the ticket.



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