v2.8.2 February 25, 2019

What’s new in release 2.8.2?

New feature

  • Session timeout configuration

    • Now you can be able to flexibly configure the timeout minute for your manual session.


    Note:  Access to the Profile Setting for the configuration (below the Timezone panel)

No. Description
1 The drop-down includes the list of numbers in a range of (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) minutes

- Apply on both Public & In-house devices
- The default value is 10 minutes
2 A check-box to turn on/off for quit automatically a manual session after exceeding the timeout

- Apply for In-house devices
- A check-box is checked by default


  • Fully support the automation test on ReactNative App on Appium 1.9.1
  • New UI design for the device list page


No. Name Description
1 Suggestion drop-down Allows you to quickly select your searching value
2 Filter values Based on your searching values, your device list will be filtered respectively (maximum 6 chips)
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