Data Driven Testing: Date Picker


  • Execute a manual session that contains a calendar component
  • A Test case must include the selection of date
  • Scriptless Automation must be triggered at least one time on the specific manual session. After that, you can approach DDT on date value in the Data-Driven-Testing section. Since Scriptless Automation needs to analyze & define a date picker component.

Note: Right now, this feature only works on Android applications. Stay tuned! We will provide this ability on iOS on our next release.

How to have a data-driven test with a date picker?

  1. Unlike the DDT on text, you cannot create or define a new date value until one of the revisit executions changes the status of “Revisiting”. In an image below, Scriptless Automation captures a selected date in the manual session of 09.26.2020.
    Note: - Whenever you create a new dataset, the value in the manual session will be set as the default date.ddt-date.png
  2. To define your new value, please choose a calendar icon and select your preferable date. As soon as you choose a different value from manual session, a label “Edited” will be displayed.ddt-date-1.png
  3. When you finish defining a new date value, click the “Rerun Scriptless Automation” button. All of your datasets will be applied automatically while revisit executions are running.
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