Jira Integration User Authentication

To assist in creating an efficient workflow, integrate Kobiton with your Jira Cloud account to allow users to create a ticket directly from the Kobiton Portal and link to a specific part of a test session. 

NOTE: Only the account owner can enable a Jira Cloud integration.


  • Jira Cloud account
  • Jira API Key

Authenticate Kobiton Member

  1. On the user dropdown menu, select Settings.
  2. On the top navigation menu, click Integration.user-settings-integration.png
  3. From Issue Tracking / Jira Integration, click Connect Account and enter Jira credentials:
    1. Host: Jira URL
    2. User Email: Jira login email
    3. API Token: Jira API token (click Get API Token for instructions on how to retrieve your Jira API token)
  4. Click Connect to complete the connection.



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