Azure DevOps Extension Setup

Azure DevOps, a Continuous Integration (CI) server, can be integrated with Kobiton's Azure DevOps Extension to run automation test scripts on Kobiton devices. 

The Kobiton extension provides two tasks:

  • Kobiton Automation Test Executor: This task is used to trigger your automation test script on Kobiton devices 
  • Kobiton App Version Uploader: This task is used to upload a new app version of an existing app on Kobiton's App Repository.


  • Azure DevOps account
  • An Executor Server is needed to setup the Azure DevOps extension, which acts as an environment to execute test scripts. 

    For Kobiton Executor Server credentials, please contact us

Install extension

  1. To access the Kobiton Azure DevOps Extension, click here. mceclip0.png

  2. To install the extension, follow the instructions on this guide.

  3. Log into the Kobiton Executor Server.                           


Kobiton API Credentials

  • You will need your Kobiton Username and Password (API Key) to interact with Kobiton REST API using our Azure DevOps plugin.

  • To get your Kobiton Username and API Key, please follow instructions at IV. Configure Test Script for Kobiton section on our blog.


Git repository contains your automation test script + SSH Key

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