Global Cleanup Policy Configuration


Admins can tailor cleanup polices for Android and iOS devices on the Cleanup Policy page. These policies are global and will apply to all private devices belonging to the organization.

To configure the organization's cleanup policy: 

  1. On the Kobiton portal, for to Profile > Settings > Cleanup Policy 
  2. Enable the specific global policies for Android and iOS devices
  3. Click Update


Policy Detail Notes

  • On Android and iOS devices, when “All apps installed within a session will be removed” is enabled, all the data related to that application will also be removed.
    • If you prefer to keep the application installed, but clear the data, disable “All apps installed within a session will be removed.”
  • On Android devices, browser applications, including cookies, cache, and signed account settings will be removed when the test session ends. When the policy is applied, browser cleanup on the device followed by the application.


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