Managing Applications

The Kobiton Apps Repository helps you manage your apps within the Kobiton cloud so that you can access them anytime, anywhere!



Begin by uploading your apps into the Apps Repository. Navigate to the Apps Repository by clicking the four-square icon in the left sidebar of the Kobiton portal; this takes you to the Apps page. Click the purple plus sign icon to add an application to the repository. By default, your uploaded apps will be visible to all your organization members. You can change the access permissions to "Allow only me to access" or "Allow others to access" by clicking on the padlock/globe icon in the upper left corner of the app's tile and selecting your preferred access permission from the dropdown menu.

Apps which have the "Allow others to access" access will display a globe icon on the tile containing the app. Apps with "Allow only me to access" access will display a lock icon on the tile containing the app. Apps with "Allow only me to access" access are still available to the master account owner.

To remove an app from the repository, click the garbage can icon in the upper right corner of the app's icon. You can also click the icon beside the garbage can icon, the "Automation Snippet" icon, to view the app's value that can be used for the app capability in your automation configuration.


Multiple app versions are condensed into a single tile. You can access different app versions by clicking the tile containing the app. 

You can view information about the uploaded app by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the app's tile, as seen below:




You can also rename versions of your app to make them more recognizable to your testing team. To rename a version of an app:

  1. Navigate to the Apps page, then click on the app tile of the app version you want to modify. (This isolates the app you want to modify and displays all of its versions in separate tiles.)mceclip5.png

  2. Click on the Pencil icon (of the App version you would like to rename) > Type the new name > Click “Rename”.mceclip6.png

Those customized names will be displayed in:

  • App Repo (app versions)

  • Manual sessions (when selecting the app)

  • Device Modal (when choosing the app for automation testing)

Please note that an app may only be renamed from the App Versions page (as described above). If a user renames the latest version of an application on the App Versions page, that name will appear on the app tile for the app in the repository.


Search for the App on the Manual session

  1. In a manual session, click “Install Apps”, then type the new name OR root name of the appmceclip7.pngmceclip8.png

  2. Select the app you want to use and click it, then select the version of that app you wish to installmceclip9.png

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