Local Device Management

What is Kobiton local device management?

Kobiton local device management allows you to use your own devices on Kobiton's manual and automation testing platform. Local devices are responsible for all telecommunications services (telephone, data, Internet, etc.) data usage or any other service provider charges incurred during Kobiton testing.

What are organization devices?

Using the Kobiton Desktop App, if you are a user within an organization, devices plugged in by you and your organization appear as Organization Devices [Organization Name].

Which Kobiton subscription plans support Local Device Management?

The Enterprise plan

How do device slots work?

Any number of devices can be plugged into the Kobiton Desktop app, but active devices depends on the number of slots purchased.

Does Kobiton install any applications on my devices?

Yes, Kobiton collects device information such as device name, OS version, and UDID. Kobiton requires the unique identity of your devices to execute manual and automation tests on them.

Where can I get the log files for Kobiton Desktop app?

Kobiton logs can be accessed at /Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Kobiton/logs.

What if my device is damaged (either a software or hardware issue) by using Kobiton device management?

Kobiton is not held liable for any type of damage caused to your devices.

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