v1.1 May 30, 2017


Automation Testing

  • Support for Appium 1.6.4, support for iOS 10.3, support for Android 7.1+

Manual Testing

  • Support for iOS 10.3, support for Android 7.1+
  • Improved screen streaming to reduce bandwidth consumption by 50%


  • Prevents downloading .apk and .ipa inside the device


  • Ability to display session in user-configured timezone
  • Kobiton Desktop App now shows detailed steps when initializing devices
  • Documented whitelist approach for app testing behind the firewall
  • Many bug fixes

Customers update

Upgrade notes for customers hosting their own devices

The new Kobiton Desktop app (v1.9.1) requires a few extra steps during the setup process up on a Mac machine. Please follow the instructions below to update the Mac machine to run the new Kobiton Desktop app.

  1. Upgrade Xcode

    • This version of the Kobiton Desktop App requires Xcode 8.3.2. Please download and install this exact version.
    • Launch the Terminal app and run the following commands:
    • sudo xcodebuild -license accept  to accept the new license
    • DevToolsSecurity -enable to enable Development Mode
    • xcode-select --install to update Command Line tools
    • xcodebuild -version to verify the correct version of Xcode (8.3.2) is working properly
  2. Install ffmpeg

    • Launch the Terminal app
    • $ brew install ffmpeg --with-x264
  3. Install Kobiton Desktop

    • Quit the Kobiton Desktop App (if actively running)
    • Login to portal.kobiton.com
    • Click Download to re-download the Kobiton Desktop App
    • Install and launch it
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