v2.11 July 01, 2019

What’s new in release 2.11?

New Feature

  • Now you will have an option to skip the step where Kobiton resigns your iOS application. (Go to Settings -> Other Settings)
    If you are using cloud devices, please make sure to specify all UDID on your provisioning profile to ensure your test execution run properly.


The feature is only available for an Admin.


  • Enhance the UI in the manual test
  • Support the manual test for iOS 12.3.1
  • Support Appium 1.13.0
  • Support to install an application on Kobiton via a pre-signed URL (E.g. You can install an app from Bitrise public URL)
  • Support to open a new tab when access session detail
  • Support to search a session by ID
  • Support the automation test for Android on Chrome 74
  • Improve the stability of the system for a better testing experience (update the Electron 4.0.3, the idle time-out issue, etc.)
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