Toolbar Features

On a manual testing session, common device actions can be performed from the toolbarmanual-session-toolbar.png



Set a Device's Location

During a manual testing session, a device's location can be set to spoof its location through the set a device location modal. 

Locations can be set by: 

  • location search
  • map marker
  • latitude and longitude

Once the spoof location has been found, click Set Location.




Android 10.0 and below and iOS 7 and below may experience a few seconds delay when updating the location on Apple and Google maps.

Simulate Devices Timezone


  • Kobiton allows you to configure the time zone of the testing devices during Manual Test sessions for your testing purposes.

How to set device's time zone

User performs 3 steps below to set device's time zone

  • Step 1: Click on Set device time zone icon on the toolbar


  • Step 2: Select a time zone from the pop-up


  • Step 3: Click Set Time Zone button to set the device time zone


ADB Shell Commands

What is adb shell commands

Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a command-tool that allows you to explore a device. It provides access to a Unix shell that you can run multiple commands on a device.

In Kobiton, we allow users to run adb shell commands directly on our real devices from the manual session.

To read more about adb shell commands, refer to this document from Google Developers.

How to use adb shell commands on manual sessions in Kobiton

Step 1: Launch a manual session. Click on Adb Shell icon on the toolbar icon.png

Step 2: Input the adb shell command

The command will look like dumpsys battery instead of adb shell dumpsys battery


Step 3: Press Return (or Enter)

Unsupported commands

For public devices:

On public devices, Kobiton ONLY allow these 3 commands at the moment:

  • dumpsys display

  • dumpsys battery

  • pm list packages -3

For in-house devices:

Almost all adb shell commands are allowed, except some that may harm the devices or produce the live result. Some examples:

  • kobiton/i

  • logcat/i

  • monkey/i

  • top/i

  • com.domobile.applock/i

  • com.domobile.applockwatcher/i





  • com.manageengine.admp/i





  • monkey -p com.myAppPackage -v 10000 -s 100

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