UI Remediation

The UI of an element is frequently changed over multiple devices, which might cause the interruption for the revisit on other devices. For example, it is very difficult for an automation tester to handle the appearance of an element through the various device ratios like 18.9 & 17.9 & 16:9 etc. Now Scriptless Automation will help handle these problem via User Interface without any scripting.


This is a demonstration for the power of Scriptless Automation in helping users automatically detect the UI issue (broken UI constraints). A blocker is raised because an UI happened on the Galaxy J5 revisit making the “Login” button covered and un-clickable. Without Scriptless Automation, automation testers would have to trace back through their many test cases and modify it to bypass or create a bug. With Scriptless Automation, testers can resolve this blocker by manually selecting the “Login” button presented on the Scriptless Automation Remediation and that gonna be a new ‘baseline’ of the test case to ensure the execution runs properly.


In this case, the difference in screen ratios makes the list view cell cropped and undetectable. This would have been a failed test case with other “Record & Playback” technologies. However, with the ability to remediate in Scriptless Automation, testers can select the correct list view cell and submit the remediation to progress the test.

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