Rerun Test by Portal


  1. Sessions that had triggered Scriptless Automation
  2. New app versions must be uploaded on the same app package


Note: An app package must be the one that was used to trigger Scriptless Automation on a manual execution.

Re-run Scriptless Automation on new app version

From manual session details

Step 1: Click the “Re-run Scriptless Automation” button


Step 2: Select a preferred app version that you want to re-run on

A drop-down “Version” includes all versions of a specific app package. In this case, the Scriptless Automation was executed on version 6.8 and then we will re-run Scriptless Automation on new version 7.0.


Step 3: View result of Scriptless Automation on a new app release

In the execution list, you will see a drop-down to select an app version, a result of revisit executions will be updated properly based on the selected app version.


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