Automation Test Scripts Setup

To be able to execute automation test scripts using the Azure DevOps Kobiton Extension, your Git repo needs to contain automation test scripts, with environmental variables to allow the extension to access test scripts. 

  1. Kobiton API credentials
    For automation test script, please set your Kobiton Username and API Key in your automation test setting code like below: 
    In your automation test settings, set your Kobiton Username and API Key:
    String kobitonServerUrl = "https://" + System.getenv("KOBITON_USERNAME") + ":" + System.getenv("KOBITON_API_KEY") + "";
  2. Kobiton Devices
    • When using Kobiton cloud devices, set the deviceGroup field in your desiredCaps to: KOBITON.
    • To use Kobiton Cloud devices, set device values in desiredCaps as:
      capabilities.setCapability("deviceGroup", "KOBITON"); 
      capabilities.setCapability("deviceName", System.getenv("KOBITON_DEVICE_NAME"));
      capabilities.setCapability("platformName", System.getenv("KOBITON_DEVICE_PLATFORM_NAME"));
  3. Applications
    Set the app field in your desiredCaps with the following environment variables: 
capabilities.setCapability("app", (System.getenv("KOBITON_SESSION_APPLICATION")

Default values can be hard-coded for the following parameters to avoid failing test cases. 

  • KOBITON_USERNAME: Kobiton Username set in the Azure Service connection 
  • KOBITON_API_KEY: Kobiton API Key set in the Azure Service connection
  • KOBITON_DEVICE_NAME: Value of the device name in the Kobiton Extension Task
  • KOBITON_SESSION_PLATFORM_VERSION: Value of the device platform in the Kobiton Extension Task
  • KOBITON_DEVICE_PLATFORM_NAME: Value of the device platform, Android / iOS, in the Kobiton Extension Task 
  • KOBITON_SESSION_APPLICATION: App value in the Kobiton Extension Task

To view a sample project, click here.

Once you have your Git repository configured, let's move to the next step.

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