Android Studio and IntelliJ [Legacy Kobiton]

NOTE: This information only applies to Legacy Kobiton.

The Kobiton ADB tunnel plugin allows user to access remote devices from the Kobiton platform from you IDE using the adb utility. 

This guide goes through the Kobiton plugin integration on IntelliJ, but the same process can be followed on Android SDK.


Download Kobiton

  1. Open IntelliJ.
  2. From the menu bar, click on IntelliJ IDEA > Preferences > Plugins. In Marketplace, enter Kobiton ADB Tunnel and click Install.IntelliJ-kobiton-plugin-on-marketplace.png
  3. On the Third-party Plugins Privacy Note modal, click Accept.
  4. When the plugins finishes installing, click Restart IDE
  5. On the IntelliJ IDEA and Plugin and Updates modal, click Restart.
  6. To authenticate a user, open a project and from the navigation menu click Tools > Kobiton ADB Tunnel.


  1. On the Kobiton ADB Tunnel panel, enter authentication credentials: 
    1. URL: (URL for public device Kobiton cloud)
      • If connecting to a private setup, use your organization’s API URL
    2. Email: Kobiton login email
    3. API Key: API key, found under API keys on
  2. Click Connect.
    A successful connection notify that you’ve been authenticated and ask for the Session ID of your manual test or allow you to connect to available devices.IntelliJ-verify-account.jpg
  3. To connect to a Kobiton cloud device, from the list of devices on the Kobiton Devices, launch a device.IntelliJ-launch-a-device.jpg
  4. Input the session ID on the Kobiton Devices panel and click Connect.intellij-session-id.jpg

The device is ready for debugging.


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