Infrastructure and hardware requirements:

Network Wifi access

Hardware devices

Network bandwidth

Internet outgoing bandwidth

On average, manually testing a device will require roughly 2Mb/s outgoing bandwidth. We recommend your internet outgoing bandwidth capacity is enough for maximum parallel device usage. e.g., 50Mb/s for manual testing on 20 devices in parallel.

Internal (LAN) bandwidth

Equip network devices with the highest bandwidth possible, e.g., 1Gb/s Ethernet, Wifi 802.11n standard to support the following: 

  • WiFi access points
  • Hub 
  • Switch
  • Routers

Minimum Mac mini Specifications:

  • Data storage: 32GB
  • Processor type: Core i7
  • Hard drive: 1 TB

Note: Mac with M1 or M2 processor is not certified for Kobiton Desktop (Legacy Kobiton). Consider upgrading to Kobiton 4+ for Mac with Apple Silicon. Contact our support team to learn more.

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