Device Custom Name


To let you edit the device original name into a custom display name that makes sense to your organization

What it can does

Edit device name

Customize the name of the device(s). There are two modes to customize a device name:

  1. Single: the change applies only to that specific device (identified by UDID)
  2. Multiple: the change applies to devices that: - Have the same device type, and - Have the same display name

Reset device name

Reset a device display name into the original when it was customized 1. If it was customized in single mode: the current name of that specific device will be reseted 2. If it was customized in multiple mode: the current name of all devices that were effect before will be reseted

Rules for customization

  1. Customize in single mode has a higher priority than in multiple mode
  2. Customize in multiple mode works only for device(s) that has original name, or was customized in multiple mode
  3. The new plugged in device(s) will get affected by the name customized in multiple mode

How to use this feature

  1. Pull up the device details modal device details modal

  2. Click on Edit icon edit iconl

  3. Input the new display name new display name

  4. Apply that new display name:

    • For single mode: click on Save button
    • For multiple mode: check on 'Apply to all 7 Galaxy A7 devices', then click Save

Who can use this feature

Only admins can execute this.

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