Testing History

What is session information and what does it include?

Session information is a record created when a manual or automated test is performed. Session information can includes session name, description, HTTP commands, actions performed, device logs, screenshots, metadata, etc.

Session information does not include usage or Kobiton specific information including, functionality, performance, underlying technology, or confidential information. 

note You are responsible for removing your apps from Kobiton. If you have not removed your app within a reasonable time after the end of each testing session, you acknowledge that Kobiton may delete the app, but Kobiton is not obligated to do so.

Which device logs are included in a Kobiton test session?

iOS system and Logcat capture logs.

Can I download or export my test session?

No, the current release only supports downloading the screenshots from a test session.

Can I record a video of my test session?

Yes, Kobiton automatically records manual test session, accessible on the Session Details page.

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