Device Management - restart deviceConnect services

Customers with Private or Local devices may need to restart the deviceConnect services on the Mac mini that hosts devices to apply the configuration changes or software updates. This action can be performed from the Kobiton Portal in the Device Management menu.

Note: restarting deviceConnect services will make all devices hosted by the Mac mini unavailable until the restart is complete. Make sure that the correct Mac mini is restarted and the affected users are informed beforehand.


  • Private or Local Cloud devices
  • Devices are hosted using Kobiton v4.4 or later
  • An account with the ADMIN predefined permission

How to restart deviceConnect services

Log into the Kobiton Portal using your Kobiton account.

Click your profile picture, then select Settings.


Navigate to the Device Management option.


This page lists all mobile devices grouped by the Mac mini host. Choose the Mac mini host that you want to restart and click the Restart services button on the selected host.


A 10 second countdown starts. During this countdown, you can cancel the restart by clicking the X button.


When the countdown reaches 0, the system sends a restart request to the Mac mini host and the restart process begins. At this time, no action can be performed on the Mac mini as well as the connected devices (all buttons are greyed out) until the restart is complete.

A notification appears to let you know when the restart completes successfully.


After the restart completes, the devices should automatically come online.

Impact to users

When a Mac mini host is restarted using the above method, any session currently running on the devices hosted by that Mac mini experiences the following:

Upon restart in a Manual or Mixed session, an error displays that connection to the device has been lost and the session is terminated (The Terminated status is reflected in the Session List).


Note: There is no warning issued in the Manual session beforehand, so make sure there are no utilizing devices before you restart, or inform the users using the devices.

Automation and revisit sessions are also terminated upon deviceConnect restart.


  • You can only restart one Mac mini at a time.
  • Services on the GEM cannot be restarted.
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