Network Payload Capture - Setup for Mac mini host for iOS

To enable Network Payload Capture on Kobiton 4+ iOS devices, additional setup must be performed on the Mac mini hosting those devices.

The steps mentioned below must be performed using the deviceconnect user of the Mac mini host.

Log into the deviceconnect user. You can use screen sharing from another Mac machine or ssh into the Mac mini.

Open the Terminal app (skip this step if accessing from a ssh session).

Type the following command to navigate to the .ssh folder:

cd ~/.ssh

Enter ls to see the files in this folder. There should be an authorized_keys file.

If there is already an id_rsa file in the folder, skip to the next step. If not, enter the following command to create a key pair:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Press the Enter key on your keyboard for all prompts to use the default values (use id_rsa for file name and do not set a passphrase).

After the key pair is created, enter the following command to copy the content of the Id_rsa public key into authorized_keys:

cat >> ./authorized_keys

Next, enter the following command:


If this is the first time running the command, a prompt appears to ask you to trust this connection. Type yes and hit Enter to confirm.

The command should allow you to log in without entering a password. Once logged in, type exit to log out of the ssh session.

The setup steps are now complete. Go back to the Network Payload Capture main guide and continue the setup for other components.

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