Using Lightning mode

This guide introduces the Lightning mode feature, its requirements, and ways to check if Lightning mode is supported on your organization's network.

What is Lightning mode?

In Standard mode, video streams from manual sessions is limited at a maximum frame rate of 3 frames per second (FPS).

With Lightning mode, manual sessions now support high-speed video streams, at a maximum frame rate of 30 FPS.

Lightning mode requirements

To support lightning mode, your network must have the following prerequisites:

  • Your network admins have opened all the required ports for lightning mode. These requirements are provided in the Kobiton setup documentation.
  • Connection using WebRTC protocol is allowed on your network. See this document to check your WebRTC connection.
  • Your workstation can send and receive UDP packets to and from the Kobiton server. This can be checked by running a script provided by Kobiton on the end-user’s workstation. See this document for instructions.
  • Your network must have at least 600 Kbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed. See the next section for more details.

Network bandwidth recommendation per parallel session

The quality of the Lightning mode experience depends heavily on the network bandwidth, specifically the download and upload speed. We recommend the following:

Option Detailed specifications Expected experience*

Download speed: 2 Mbps per parallel session

Upload speed: 4 Mbps per parallel session

Average time for Lightning mode to turn on: 10s

Average frames per second: 25

Average frames received per second: 25

Average packet received per second: 30

Average latency: 500ms

* Expected Lightning mode experience if there is no additional latency introduced by external factors, such as DNS resolution.

Lightning mode in a Manual Session

If your organization's network satisfies all requirements for Lightning mode, it automatically turns on after a few seconds in a Manual Session. Check the network status indicator for Lightning mode status:


If Lightning mode is on, the Lightning icon appears with the color green:

If Lightning mode is off, the icon appears with a gray color. To manually turn Lightning mode on, hover the mouse on the network indicator and click the arrow down button:


Click the Lightning mode switch to turn on Lightning mode:

Wait for it to turn on and continue the test using Lightning mode.

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