v3.26 Legacy January 7, 2023

These release notes cover Legacy Kobiton 3.26. As a reminder, in our November release, we started using 4.0+ as the numbering for releases of the new Kobiton, while Legacy Kobiton will continue with numbering starting with 3.25 and above. If you are using the new Kobiton, see the v4.1 release notes.

If you have any questions or would like to update your Kobiton system, please send us an email at support@kobiton.com or contact your Account Executive.

New iOS and Android support

Legacy Kobiton 3.26 supports the following:

  • iOS/iPadOS 15.7.1
  • iOS/iPadOS 16.1.1
  • iOS/iPadOS 16.1.2: supported except changing timezone
  • iOS/iPadOS 16.2: supported except changing timezone

We also tested and support the following device model as stated:

  • Pixel 7: manual testing supported

Webhooks for device state

Admins can now setup webhooks to receive automatic updates of device status changes for Private and Local devices, such as when a device goes offline or online. Learn more here.

Note: The webhook settings can be seen by admins of any org, but this feature only supports Private and Local devices. It will not report on Public devices.

Additional enhancements and bug fixes

In addition to the above, this release includes a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements to improve your day-to-day testing.

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