Biometrics authentication

In order to test an application that requires biometrics via Kobiton, you will need to alter your app to use a custom Kobiton library:

Once your application is ready, upload it to Kobiton App Repo and install it during your testing.

Biometrics in a manual session

In a manual session, you will see a fingerprint icon in the left toolbar. This represents biometrics.

When you install your altered app and it requests biometric authentication, Kobiton detects this request and prompts a dialog box for you to choose a response. You can either choose Pass or Fail.

The Portal will display a message confirming your selection.

Additional information about this feature:

  • While the device is waiting for your biometric authentication response, you won't be able to:
    • Touch/type/swipe on the device
    • Use these features on left toolbar: set timezone, location, sensitive data, image injection, multi gesture
  • While the device is waiting for your biometric authentication response, you will be able to use these features:
    • Adjust volume
    • Click to return to Home screen
    • Turn off/on screen
    • Rotate
  • If you don't choose a response within 20 seconds, a Fail response will be sent to the device.

Biometrics in an automation session

Use the following commands to trigger a successful or failed authentication in response to a biometric prompt:

  • driver.execute('mobile:biometrics-authenticate', {result: 'passed'}) passes a successful authentication to the prompt

  • driver.execute('mobile:biometrics-authenticate', {result: 'failed'}) passes a failed authentication to the prompt

The following sample test script show how to use the command:


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